Our Story


Marta and Sabine

Pilates brought us together in 2012 and ever since a profound and sincere friendship is connecting us.

One Italian and one Swiss, with a common passion for beauty, for what is simple and true, for values such as family and friendship and for fashion that is casual chic. Both obsessed with shirts- a must have in our wardrobe, yet struggling to find THE perfect fit.

Our passion led us to create a brand of shirts under the name of MAR.INE, which stands for Swiss sense of quality and Italian style and creativity.

7 blouses for 7 days of the week. A name for each one of them makes them unique. Our signature is a subtle mood, embroidered with love on each shirt. Our brand is meant to be an homage to an independent contemporary woman. Elegant, effortless yet outgoing.

We want her to wear our shirt day or night, as she goes to a business meeting or plays in the garden with her kids -you never know who might ring the doorbell-, whether she goes on a date or rushes to attend a fancy party.

Our first production is a capsule collection in collaboration with the brand Artigiano by Asoni which is known for using the highest quality standards, thus resulting in Artigiano x MAR.INE

And so our story continues...